Shadowpriest Utility and Psychic Horror removal

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It seems Blizzard is not looking at the whole picture – Quantity over quality.
Yes, shadow has a great number of tools. But..

Lets take a look at each individual utility spell.

  • Psychic Scream has a huge position requirement, without spectral guise/feathers/slow removal it will be much harder to cc a healer without a previous cc and it will put you out of position many times. The removal of horror makes this problem worse // Where as Mind Bomb has a cast time and low duration AND it replaces psychic scream AND shares the stun DR. It has too many downsides.
  • Mindcontrol has a cast time AND is channeled. This is very unique (and bad), DRs with Disorients (Psychic Scream), breaks on damage on the priest -> limited use in competetive pvp. On top of that it still has the old issues like disconnecting if you move right before the end of the cast etc.
  • Dispel Magic was indirectly nerfed as there are much less magic buffs in Legion
  • Mass Dispel has a long cast time and high ressource cost compared to Rets with their instant, low cd, no cost removal
  • Using Power Word Shield or Vampiric Embrace as a support utility puts it on cd if you need it for yourself.
  • Shadowmend has the dot component
  • Psychic Horror had a high resource cost and was nerfed to dr with stuns in legion

Many of the utility spells have downsides or are worse than comparable spells of other classes. The healing power of shadowpriests in legion is very strong and you might want to adjust that with number tuning. But any nerf to their healing utility also nerfs their suvivability which is a another big subject.
We dont have a spammable fire and forget cc. We lost Leap of faith one of the “Skill” defining abilities of a higher rated Shadow Priest and we have huge issues against melees.
Removing Psychic Horror was a mistake.
Suggestions on utility

  • Return Psychic Horror and rework Mind Bomb, now replaces Psychic Horror. 45 sec CD, stuns for 4 seconds AoE
  • Replace Mind Bomb with Psychic Horror
  • Remove Abolish Disease
  • Remove Shackle Undead
  • Remove the utility component of Fleeting Embrace making it pure self heal.
  • Rework Last Word, the game does not need more silences or interrupts. Especially not auto applied ones. It can’t compete with Psyfiend/Void Shift to begin with.
  • Change Void shift; can now only be used if you are lower hp than your team mate.
  • Return Psychic Horror with insanity cost
  • Return Leap of Faith baseline and add a pvp talent that resembles the reverse grip glyph and reduces the cd.For me personally the return of the mana bar is a lazy change even if it is good/better for the spec. The insanity cost added depth and a risk/reward/skill component.
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