Shadowpriest talent suggestions

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Shadowpriest talents still need a lot of work. Main concerns are:

Boring and bad talent choices, AoE, Ramp up time, Mobility, Survivability.


Here are my suggestions:

Level 15

Twist of Fate
Now also increases insanity generation.
comment: ToF does not seem to fit in this tier. Why doesn’t it grant any insanity generation bonus?

Level 30

Mania redesigned
Activate: Increases your movement speed by 30%. While Mania is active you ignore any movement imparing effects. Drains 2 Insanity per second. Lasts until canceled
comment: Mania in its current implementation is boring and feels too limited. Shadow also lacks a freedom effect and mobility.

Masochism removed
New Talent

Void Displacement
Instant – 45 second cooldown
20 yard range

The Caster instantly teleports to another location as a shadowy bolt.

Ability of the Black Bishop
comment: Shadow has no escape utiltiy and no damage reducing perks/talents. This makes us a far too easy target in pvp for melees. Many non-shadowpriests hated spectral guise in pvp, so why not create a new theme fitting escape utility?

Level 45

Mind Bomb
Now replaces Psychic Horror instead of Psychic Scream
comment: Mind Bomb DRs with Psychic Horror, another ranged stun of our toolkit. So instead of replacing Psychic Scream it should replace Psychic Horror.


Level 60

San’layn – redesigned
Using Vampiric Embrace now grants 100 insanity to you and 25% leech to the 10 lowest group members.

Void Ray – redesigned
Now empoweres and changes Mind Flay and Mind Spike to Void infused spells inside Voidform.
Void Flay and Void Spike deal 30% more damage and generate 30% more insanity.


Level 75

Void Lord

Now persists for 10 seconds after you next enter Void Form and stops insanity drain inside voidform for the duration.
comment: The lingering insanity talent seems very boring and the reward for choosing this talent is not clear enough. 

Shadowy Insight
Now also reduces the Cast time of Mindblast by 50%. Stacks up 2 times.
comment: Same with Shadowy Insight. Shadow lacks instant casts and insanity generators while on the move. The 2 Charges also fix one of the issues of the old pre legion Shadowy insight.


Level 90

Now has a cleave ability
comment: Shadowpriest AoE is boring and feels weak. Giving Mindbender an strong AoE ability might help.

Shadow Crash
Now applies Shadow Word: Pain on any target hit.
comment: Shadow Crash by itself feels bad. Dot Spreading, especially inside Voidform feels pointless. 


Level 100

Mind Spike 
Now increases the damage done of the next Mind Blast by 33% stacking up 3 times.
comment: 5 Stacks are too high for this talent. I mean.. come on we had this as a baseline spell since Cata and now this is a  “level 100 talent” It really does not feel this way.

Surrender to Madness redesigned
All your Insanity generating abilities generate 200% more insanity but at a cost.
Every 10 seconds inside Voidform you take 10% more damage. If you are still in Voidform after 60 seconds you lose your mind and die.

The Surrender to Madness debuff lasts until you next enter voidform.

6 minute cooldown
comment: Nobody likes this talent. Seriously it has very limited use and who likes to die and do nothing for the rest of the fight. Scrap this concept.


PvP Talents


Level 8: Mind Trauma
Mind Flay applies Shadow Word : Pain to the target. Shadow Word: Pain now has a 30% higher critical strike chance.
comment: Mind Sear spreading SW:P on this talent can’t stay, it is too strong. It would only result in SW:P getting nerved into oblivion.

Level 19: Pure Shadow

Dispersion now reduces damage taken by 90% increases your movement speed by 50% and removes any movement imparing effects on you.
comment: Pure Shadow is too weak compared to Void Shield. Dispersion only lasts 6 seconds which is not enough to get out of a bad position, especially with a slow/root on you.

Level 22 Void Origins redesigned

Dispel Magic, Mass Dispel and Psychic Horror now cost 75% less insanity while inside voidform.
comment: Casting these spells inside Voidform feels like making a huge mistake. The current Void Origins is a boring haste increase and does not feel like a pvp talent at all.

Level 28: Psychic Link redesigned

Mind Blast now deals 30% more damage and generates 30% more insanity.
comment: Psychic Link is a cheap copy of Sphere of Insanity and does not fit in this tier of insanity increasing talents.

Level 37: Fleeting Embrace redesigned

Reduces the Cooldown of Vampiric Embrace by 120% and reduces damage taken by 20% for the duration but only affects up to 3 allies.
comment: Shadowpriest lacks any damage reducing talents/abilities. This would provide a small on demand shield wall besides Dispersion. Vampiric Embrace by itself is too weak.

Level 43: Last Word redesigned

Silence now increases damage you deal to the target by 20% makes the it unable to attack you for the duration .
comment: This talent is useless against non-casters making it a niche talent. But shadowpriest currently has huge problems against melee classes. This change would provide some survivability.




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