Shadowpriest Legion Beta Update

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It has been a while since my last blog post. I have been very busy recently with work and other things. But I have been testing shadow over the past weeks and month and here are my thoughts on the current status:



– The Gameplay feels fluid and fun.
– There are some good talent choices
– Voidform is active instead of passive like in alpha

– Dominant Mind while questing is very fun and fits the theme perfectly
– Visuals are great. Voidform, Voidbolt, Surrender to Madness etc. look very cool.
– Devs listening to some of the feedback like Shadowy Insight, Void Ray or Void bolt refreshing dots.



– Utility spells now need mana again. A good thing, right? Yes, but the mana pool is very small and spells cost a lot. Shadowmend heals for little and you are out of mana after 4 Shadowmends. Mass dispel costs about 70% of your total mana.



– AoE is terrible
– Removal of Psychic Horror, Leap of Faith
– Removal of the Shadowform ability is a visual and gameplay issue. No compensation for the armor loss and a great disparity between voidform and non voidform. Shadowform is now passive, without a buff and looks like glyphed shadowform. It can’t be deactivated.
– Shadow feels very squishy
– In some talent tiers like the levle 90 or 100 there is lack of choices or talents like Mania are underwhelming or boring
– PvP in general is very frustrating for many reasons. We are too squishy, we have no mobility and the pvp talents are very imbalanced. There is one talent in each tier that needs to be picked. We get destroyed by any melee spec.
– Voidform / insanity mechanic is very bad for high latency players. Insanity drains regardless of your latency.


Feel free to ask me any questions about Shadow beta or legion in general.

Do you have any specific wishes on my next video?

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One thought on “Shadowpriest Legion Beta Update

  1. Nice site! Logged in last night and this PVE SP weekend warrior is now just a lost noob . Questing solo is tough now. Have to keep heal pots and bandages loaded. The loss of the squishy flash heal replacement with Mendes and the myriad of cool down and rotations for the first time make me want to stop playing. Very put out with the changes which seem to bolster the raid minded player and frustrate the pvp and pve toons.

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