Shadowpriest changes – Build 21384

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New artifact weapon skin:


Spriest now has mana for utility spells.



Datamined Changes

  • Dispel Magic Dispels Magic on the enemy target, removing 1 beneficial Magic effects. Can be cast in Shadowform. 2.6% of Base Mana / 2.6% of Base Mana / All Shadow Orbs. 30 yd range. Instant. 4% of Base Mana. 30 yd range. Instant.
  • Mass Dispel Dispels magic in a 15 yard radius, removing all harmful Magic from 10 friendly targets and 1 beneficial Magic effects from 10 enemy targets. Potent enough to remove Magic that is normally undispellable. 13% of Base Mana / 13% of Base Mana / All Shadow Orbs 8% of Base Mana. 30 yd range. 1.5 sec cast. 15 sec cooldown.


  • Mind Spike Assail the target with shadowy spikes, dealing [ 45% of Spell Power ] Shadowfrost damage and leaving a spike embedded in their mind for until cancelled. Up to 10 spikes may be embedded this way. Mind Blast will detonate these spikes, each dealing an additional 200% of their original damage. Generates 5 Insanity. Shadow Priest – Level 100 Talent. 40 yd range. 1.5 sec cast.
  • Mindbender Summons a Mindbender to attack the target for 15 12 sec. You regenerate 0.75% of maximum mana each time the Mindbender attacks. Can be cast in Shadowform. Priest – Level 60 Talent. 40 yd range. Instant. 60 sec cooldown.
  • Shadow Covenant Draws on the power of shadow to heal up to 5 injured allies within 30 yds of the target for [ 500% of Spell Power ], but leaves a shell on them that absorbs the next [ 225% [ 250% of Spell Power ] healing they receive within 6 sec. Can be cast in Spirit of Redemption. Can’t be cast in Shadowform. Discipline Priest – Level 100 Talent. 5% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 2.5 sec cast.

PvP Talents

  • Fleeting Embrace Reduces the cooldown of Vampiric Embrace by 120 sec, but only affects up to 3 allies Vampiric Embrace now affects up to 3 allies, and its cooldown is reduced by 75%. Shadow Priest – Tier 2 PvP Talent.
  • Pure Shadow Dispersion reduces damage taken by an additional 30% 35%, and causes Voidform to not drain Insanity for an additional 6 sec after Dispersion ends. Shadow Priest – Tier 2 PvP Talent.
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