Legion alpha Shadowpriest pvp issues

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Nothing has changed for shadowpriests since the last build and my list of issues is still relevant.

Especially now that pvp is available i feel like shadow lacks any escape tools, every melee instantly switches to the next shadowpriest they see.

General thoughts about survivability

Yes, we have much self healing. Void Shield and Thrive in the shadows are quite powerful.
I think there is even too much self healing but no real damage mitigation and escape utility. Shadowpriests seem to be designed around a perfect world with no movement and no interrupts involved. The reality is quite different.

@Devs: Please try playing shadowpriest in a real pvp environment. I can’t see how you intend us to be viable without having a save my !@# button aka spectral guise, blink or teleport.

Tier 3 pvp Talents

Void Shield is pretty fun and feels powerful and is the only choice in this tier. The buff could last a little bit longer. 8-10 Seconds would be perfect.

Vampiric Embraces 3% heals feel completly useless and because of that no one will ever pick Fleeting embrace. It is a wasted GCD and talentpoint.

Why does Dispersion no longer remove movement imparing effects? This is quite annoying especially in a world where every spec has a passive slow without even using a gcd for it. Dispersion feels really weak now. Pure Shadow should return this on top of the other effect and reduce its cooldown by another 30 seconds.

Survivability suggestions:

– Take some self healing / shields (Mental Fortitude) and give passive damage reduction.
– Return Spectral guise or some kind of escape utility. I loved the ability Diagonal Slide from the Black Bishop NPC.
– Redesign Vampiric Embrace

I hope the passive tentacle spawning artifact effect is not gone. I loved it and it fitted very well to the new theme.

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One thought on “Legion alpha Shadowpriest pvp issues

  1. I don’t understand why Blizzard insists on ruining things that aren’t broken. I also don’t understand how after 10 years spriests are still plagued with the same mobility issues on top of the fact that the passive defenses have been pruned away. I hope they address it, but experience and history shows otherwise. I also am seriously hoping they update shadow priest visuals. Mind Blast and Shadow Word: Void don’t even have visible animations. Void Entropy was a great animation, but no one knows that cuz no one picked that talent. I didn’t like the “instant proc” playstyle of spriest for WOD, I do like casting spells(and they actually do damage), but with melee having so many interrupts, the spec would have been unplayable. From legion pvp videos, it seems almost all the casters are having this issue, minus mages. Anyway, sorry for the long post. I enjoy your blog.

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