Legion Alpha Shadowpriest design issues

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The biggest issue of the Legion Shadowpriest (lack of Voidform control) has recently been resolved. But there are still lot’s of design issues i’ve experienced myself on the alpha realms.

Issue 1: Removal of support and escape utility

With the removal of Leap of Faith, Feathers, Power Word: Fortitude and huge nerf of Vampiric Embrace our support utility has taken a huge hit. I understand any balance concerns, but pruning these abilities is a bad decision. Spectral guise was one of the most distinct and fun talents added in MoP. It was strong in pvp, but i don’t see any reason for removing it entirely. Leap of Faith was considered a skill and “fun to use” button in pvp and pve, it was unique and removing it is a huge mistake. I hope more than anything that Leap of Faith and Spectral guise will return. Please blizzard!


Issue 2: Niche talents

The talents Surrender to Madness, Mind Bomb, Mania and Masochism are too situational. Their usage will be minimal.

Surrender to Madness: This talent should never have left the “drawing board”. It is super situational and will see little usage if any.
Mind Bomb: Not only does it replace Psychic Scream, it shares Diminishing return with Psychic Horror and has a cast time. If anything it should replace Psychic Horror. I don’t see many reasons to pick this talent over Psychic Voice.
Mania and Masochism both are too weak. Masochism might see some usage in 2s arena but giving up the mobility of Body and Soul makes it a bad choice. The 20% boost of Mania just isn’t enough compared to the on demand speed boost of Body and Soul.


Issue 3: Conflicting talent traits and talents

Some artifacts and talents conflict or overlap too much.
Sphere of Insanity and Mass Histeria: With Sphere of insanity you want to have more Voidforms, and with Mass Histeria you want longer Voidforms.
Sidenote: Sphere of Insanity visual gets boring and even annoying very fast. I hope the Purple lightning ball isn’t final.
Power of the old gods feels like a downgrade if you choose Mindbender. Duration/Insanity generation needs to be adjusted.
Sinister Thoughts is a weaker direct copy of the talent Legacy of the void. This can’t be final.


Issue 4: AoE and dot spreading

We are supposed to multidot. Getting up dots on multiple targets gets frustrating very quick and hurts your dps/insanity generation badly. There needs to be a way to spread dots and it should be a baseline spell or artificat trait.
Void torrent could spread Vampiric Touch and/or Shadow Word: Pain to a nearby target with each tick.


Issue 5 (PvP): Voidform and CC


Insanity and Voidform are too predictable and will just be cc’d very fast. There should be a pvp talent in place of Void origins which reduces or even stops insanity drain while crowd controlled and being in voidform.


Issue 6 (PvP): Mobility and Survivability

With the lack of any escape utility, freedom effect, damage reduction artifact trait or talent we are by far the easiest and soft target of any spec. While we have huge self heal capabilities, shutting us down with a kick or stun or even just dispelling our Vampiric Touches completly negates any self healing. Survivability should not be determined by your enemy.



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