Celestalon talks about shadowpriests

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Celestalon Game Designer Hey Void-dwellers. Let’s talk a bit about Shadow, shall we? There are a variety of topics to touch on: Re: Multidotting and AoE in General Shadow is one of our most heavily DoT-based specs, and that implies that multidotting should be their preferred method of attacking several enemies at once. But, unlike Affliction, your rotation also includes direct damage spells as well (especially the Void abilities). So, we need to make sure that a balance is struck between the two. Our goal is that you can apply your DoTs whenever you want, but that you’ll prefer to do so while not in Voidform, so that you can spend more of your Voidform time nuking the life out of your enemies with Void Bolts and the like. We’ve got this cool cyclical rotation going on, in and out of Voidform, trying to stay in Voidform as long as possible and then getting back into it as fast as possible. But multidotting doesn’t really fit into that well right now; it slows down your rotation massively, and requires reapplying DoTs to multiple targets while in Voidform, leading to longer times out of Voidform, and shorter times in Voidform. That […]

Shadowpriest talent suggestions

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Shadowpriest talents still need a lot of work. Main concerns are: Boring and bad talent choices, AoE, Ramp up time, Mobility, Survivability. Here are my suggestions: Level 15 Twist of Fate Now also increases insanity generation. comment: ToF does not seem to fit in this tier. Why doesn’t it grant any insanity generation bonus? Level 30 Mania redesigned Activate: Increases your movement speed by 30%. While Mania is active you ignore any movement imparing effects. Drains 2 Insanity per second. Lasts until canceled comment: Mania in its current implementation is boring and feels too limited. Shadow also lacks a freedom effect and mobility. Masochism removed New Talent Void Displacement Instant – 45 second cooldown 20 yard range The Caster instantly teleports to another location as a shadowy bolt. Ability of the Black Bishop http://www.wowhead.com/spell=83991/diagonal-slide comment: Shadow has no escape utiltiy and no damage reducing perks/talents. This makes us a far too easy target in pvp for melees. Many non-shadowpriests hated spectral guise in pvp, so why not create a new theme fitting escape utility? Level 45 Mind Bomb Now replaces Psychic Horror instead of Psychic Scream comment: Mind Bomb DRs with Psychic Horror, another ranged stun of our toolkit. So instead […]

Legion alpha build 21249 – Shadowpriest changes

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New icons Voidblast Voidflay Voidsear Voidform Shadowmend Spell Changes Shadow Crash Hurl a bolt of slow-moving Shadow energy at the destination, dealing [ 333.3%[ 399.96% of Spell Power ] damage to all targets within 8 yards. Generates 15 Insanity. Shadow Priest – Level 90 Talent. 40 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cooldown. Power Word: Shield Shield an ally, absorbing [ 600% of Spell Power ] damage. Lasts 15 sec. While the shield holds, spellcasting will not be delayed by damage. Can be cast in Shadowform. Priest – Discipline & Shadow Spec. 2.2% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 6 sec cooldown.7.5 sec cooldown. Dispersion You disperse into pure Shadow energy, reducing all damage taken by 60%, but you are unable to attack or cast spells. Lasts 6 sec. Dispersion can be cast while stunned, feared or silenced. Priest – Shadow Spec. Instant. 2 min cooldown. Mind Sear Causes an explosion of shadow magic around the target, dealing [ 125%[ 180% of Spell Power ] Shadow damage over 5 sec to all enemies within 10 yards around the target. Generates 76 Insanity over the duration per target hit. Priest – Shadow Spec. 40 yd range. 5 sec cast (Channeled). Shadow […]

Shadowpriest pvp feedback

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Utility With legion shadowpriests loose Leap of Faith, a distinct button and Skill defining ability. Furthermore Shadowpriest will no longer have Power Word: Fortitude. Other than that Shadowpriests bring good utility with Dispel Magic/Mass Dispel and they have Power Word: Shield and Shadowmend to support teammates. The Crowd Control capabilities are fine. However there is one big issue with Dispel Magic, Mass Dispel and Psychic Horror. The insanity cost. I fully agree with a resource cost, but it is far too punishing to cast these spells in voidform. There should be a talent/artifact trait that reduces the cost of these spells inside voidform by a considerable amount. Or maybe even baseline. The games “skillfloor” is getting reduced with each expansion and the difference between for example a good and bad death knight or warrior on live realms is mostly definied by damage and teamplay. The game has no such thing as aim like an fps, last hits, apm or gold income like a moba. After you mastered the rotation of your class all there is left to improve is tactics and teamplay. This is especially bad with melee cleave comps. Legion will make things even worse. For example Warriors lose […]

Legion alpha Shadowpriest pvp issues

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Nothing has changed for shadowpriests since the last build and my list of issues is still relevant. Especially now that pvp is available i feel like shadow lacks any escape tools, every melee instantly switches to the next shadowpriest they see. General thoughts about survivability Yes, we have much self healing. Void Shield and Thrive in the shadows are quite powerful. I think there is even too much self healing but no real damage mitigation and escape utility. Shadowpriests seem to be designed around a perfect world with no movement and no interrupts involved. The reality is quite different. @Devs: Please try playing shadowpriest in a real pvp environment. I can’t see how you intend us to be viable without having a save my !@# button aka spectral guise, blink or teleport. Tier 3 pvp Talents Void Shield is pretty fun and feels powerful and is the only choice in this tier. The buff could last a little bit longer. 8-10 Seconds would be perfect. Vampiric Embraces 3% heals feel completly useless and because of that no one will ever pick Fleeting embrace. It is a wasted GCD and talentpoint. Why does Dispersion no longer remove movement imparing effects? This […]

Legion Alpha Shadowpriest design issues

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The biggest issue of the Legion Shadowpriest (lack of Voidform control) has recently been resolved. But there are still lot’s of design issues i’ve experienced myself on the alpha realms. Issue 1: Removal of support and escape utility With the removal of Leap of Faith, Feathers, Power Word: Fortitude and huge nerf of Vampiric Embrace our support utility has taken a huge hit. I understand any balance concerns, but pruning these abilities is a bad decision. Spectral guise was one of the most distinct and fun talents added in MoP. It was strong in pvp, but i don’t see any reason for removing it entirely. Leap of Faith was considered a skill and “fun to use” button in pvp and pve, it was unique and removing it is a huge mistake. I hope more than anything that Leap of Faith and Spectral guise will return. Please blizzard!   Issue 2: Niche talents The talents Surrender to Madness, Mind Bomb, Mania and Masochism are too situational. Their usage will be minimal. Surrender to Madness: This talent should never have left the “drawing board”. It is super situational and will see little usage if any. Mind Bomb: Not only does it replace Psychic […]

Alpha build 21108 – Voidform control!

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New Build Shadow changes Specialization Shadow Word: Death   A word of dark binding that inflicts (180%360% of Spell power) Shadow damage to the target. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health. Generates 30 Insanity if the target dies. Voidform   When you reach 100 Insanity, you enter Voidform Activate Voidform, increasing damage by 30%, reducing the cooldown on Mind Blast by 3 sec, While in Voidform and gaining 1% Haste, every 1 sec. Your Insanity will drain increasingly fast until it reaches 0 and Voidform ends. When Voidform ends, you gain Lingering Insanity, allowing the Haste bonus to persist for 60 sec or until you next enter Voidform. Requires 100 Insanity to activate. Priest – Shadow Spec. Instant. Talents Legacy of the Void   Casting Mind Blast increases the effectdamage of your next Shadow Word by 50% for 30 sec, stacking up to 2 times. Mind Bomb   Unleashes a psychic explosion, stunning all enemies within 8 yds of the target for 3 sec.4 sec. Replaces Psychic Scream. Surrender to Madness   Surrender to the Old Gods, sacrificing your soul for ultimate power. All your Insanity-generating abilities generate 200% more Insanity until you exit Voidform, and […]