Alpha build 21108 – Voidform control!

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New Build Shadow changes

  • Shadow Word: Death   A word of dark binding that inflicts (180%360% of Spell power) Shadow damage to the target. Only usable on enemies that have less than 20% health.
    Generates 30 Insanity if the target dies.
  • Voidform   When you reach 100 Insanity, you enter Voidform Activate Voidform, increasing damage by 30%, reducing the cooldown on Mind Blast by 3 sec, While in Voidform and gaining 1% Haste, every 1 sec. Your Insanity will drain increasingly fast until it reaches 0 and Voidform ends. When Voidform ends, you gain Lingering Insanity, allowing the Haste bonus to persist for 60 sec or until you next enter Voidform.

    Requires 100 Insanity to activate. Priest – Shadow Spec. Instant.

  • Legacy of the Void   Casting Mind Blast increases the effectdamage of your next Shadow Word by 50% for 30 sec, stacking up to 2 times.
  • Mind Bomb   Unleashes a psychic explosion, stunning all enemies within 8 yds of the target for 3 sec.4 sec.
    Replaces Psychic Scream.
  • Surrender to Madness   Surrender to the Old Gods, sacrificing your soul for ultimate power.
    All your Insanity-generating abilities generate 200% more Insanity until you exit Voidform, and
    All your Insanity-generating abilities generate 200% more Insanity until you exit Voidform.
    Then you die. Requires Voidform.
    After surrendering your soul, you cannot be revived by in-combat resurrection abilities for 3 min.
PvP Talents
  • Driven to Madness   Being attacked will grant you 5 Insanity.
    This effect has a 3 sec cooldown.
  • Edge of Insanity   While at 100 Insanity and not in Voidform, your damage is increased by 20%. You no longer enter Voidform instantly when reaching 100 Insanity, and instead you learn Voidform as an active ability:
    Enter Voidform, reducing the cooldown on Mind Blast by 3 sec, and increasing your Shadow damage by 30%.
    While in Voidform, you gain 1% Haste, every 1 sec. This Haste will also persist for 1 min after Voidform ends.
    Voidform causes your Insanity to constantly drain, faster and faster, until completely drained, and Voidform ends.
  • NEW Initiation (NYI)   Critical chance increased by 30% on targets at or above 80% health.
  • NEW Mind Quickness   Increases haste by 6%.
  • Shadow Mania   Having Vampiric Touch on 2 or more targets grants you 3 Insanity every 2 sec.
    Increases the healing of Vampiric Touch by 100%.
  • NEW Train of Thought   Damage increased by 15%. Being attacked will cancel this effect for 8 sec.
Artifact Traits
  • Sphere of Insanity   When you enter Voidform, you summon a void sphere for 15 sec. While this sphere is active, 25%10% of all direct damage dealt is additionally dealt to any target with your Shadow Word: Pain on them.

Voidform control!



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